Things to think about when considering parenting...


  • If I'm pregnant now, I am a Mom or Dad already.

  • 5 years from now will I be proud of my decision?

  • What would it mean for my future and my family's future if I had a child now?

  • Have you considered placing your child for adoption to a two-parent family?

  • What support do I have of my family and friends?

  • Am I ready to accept responsibility for all my child's needs?

  • What would it mean for my future and my family's future if I had a child now?

Tri-Lakes Pregnancy Center can help answer these questions for you by providing medically accurate information. Call for an appointment today.




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Parenting Option

Parenting can be a struggle at any age no matter what the circumstances. Tri-Lakes Pregnancy Center offers the help you need to even consider a plan to parent, make an appointment to find out more.

We also know that there are no perfect circumstances and certainly no perfect parents. Our role is to encourage, educate, and get resources to our patients in order that they may see their own situation clearly, thereby providing them with the tools, and most importantly, the hope necessary to make the best choices for the lives of both their children and themselves. In short, we want to see our clients become the best parents that they can be.


Tri-Lake Pregnancy Center helps clients who choose parenting to realistically evaluate their own circumstances and develop a plan to meet individual needs.


If I can't afford to live on my own, where can I live with my baby?


Client advocates will help you explore your housing options. There are safe and affordable places to consider. Most single parents need to work. Consider your childcare options in each situation:


  • Living with a friend or relative

  • Staying in a group home for single mothers

  • Living with your parents or the birthfather's parents

  • Finding an apartment in public, subsidized housing


How do I get help from the father?


The father's legal responsibilities include providing financial support for your child. Most states have a child support enforcement agency that will withhold money from his paycheck if he is unwilling to pay.


Can I still choose adoption later if parenting doesn't work out?


Should single parenting become too difficult, adoption is still an option. It takes courage to realize that by yourself you cannot provide all that your child needs. Separating from a child with whom you have bonded can be difficult. We can connect you with several adoption agencies in our area that can help you.


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